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Many think that Samael Aun Weor is just a pseudonym. Therefore it is very important to know what Samael Aun Weor said about himself. The following text is a transcript of a lecture given in the Civic Auditorium of the State of Guadalajara, in the year 1975.

Many people believe that Samael is just a pseudonym. No! Indeed, I am Samael!

You have read that in Kabbalah the name Samael is classified as the angel regent of Mars. In the Bible, Samael is classified as a demon. It does not matter! The fact is that I am Samael! And I say this with a lot of sincerity and honesty; this is the truth, and even if they place me against a wall to execute me by shooting, I would not change my mind. I do not have a pseudonym! I insist: I am Samael!

However, why do some say that I am an angel and others that I am a demon? Simply because I fell in the beginning of the Aryan Root Race, when I lived in Central Asia, in the Himalayas, in the very remote past; I committed the same mistake of Count Zanoni.

At that time, I had a Lemurian immortal body. Over more than ten thousand years I was an eyewitness to the sinking of the whole continent of Lemuria and I saw the birth of the continent of Atlantis. Thus, I knew all of Atlantis, where I lived with the same Lemurian body. Afterwards, I also saw Atlantis sinking into the ocean. I accompanied Manu Vaisvavata (Noah) in his exodus from that continent before its sinking. Nonetheless, unfortunately, I committed a great mistake.

It so happens that, after the exodus, I was living in one of the many kingdoms in that region during that epoch. It was forbidden for me to have a spouse anew, because of my immortal degree. If you do not know, I will clarify; the children of God cannot get married. However, I fell very much in love with an extremely beautiful woman and I ended up marrying her. A great mistake!

One day, my Divine Mother took me within a profound cavern. There she showed me the future that was awaiting me if I chose to continue within the same situation. I saw tears, rain, sicknesses, miseries. I saw myself as an authentic wandering Jew in the world. I asked forgiveness for the committed crime, but I was already too late. That was my downfall. I lost that immortal body and ended up submitting myself to the wheel of births and deaths.

This is why I say to you: my real internal Being is the Monad Regent of the planet Mars. Regarding myself, the one who is stating all of this before you, I ended up transforming myself into a fallen angel. Many egos resurged within my mind and I became transformed into a true devil. Now, in this present existence, I comprehend the necessity of eliminating my egos, the necessity of performing the Great Work of the Father. Therefore, this is why today I am here speaking to you all, with my hand placed on my heart.

Samael Aun Weor is my true name as a Bodhisattva. Samael is the name of my Monad! I am perfectly cognizant of the dawn of life in this Solar System! I saw the dawning of Creation! I have been here with this humanity from the very first moment, since the heart of this solar system started to palpitate after the long Cosmic Night.

I came here because my Internal God, my Father who is within me, sent me! My only purpose is to serve and help this humanity! This is why I am serving my fellowmen. This is why I am working for the sake of this humanity!

I was fallen for many centuries—that is the truth—but now I am not fallen! I have already risen from the mud of the earth. I am finalizing the Work of my Father! Therefore, I speak about what I have lived and experienced!

I am inside this body in order to help this humanity. Yet, in the name of the truth, I tell you that I am the Archangel Samael! If the ignoramuses want to laugh at what I am stating or if they do not accept this fact, it does not matter. That is not my problem! I am only interested in asserting what I am when they ask me. My only objective is to teach the doctrine of the Father, of my Father who is inside of me!

Now, allow me to narrate for you something extraordinary related with my present incarnation. When I re-conquered—I have to state that it was a re-conquering, because I lost it and now have regained the degree of Qualified Adept. Naturally I was honored in the Causal World, in that Plane of Cosmic Consciousness where the temple of the Great White Lodge is found.

The Masters of the White Fraternity welcomed me with military marches, and all of them saluted me as if they were the Gnostics. The solemnity of that reception, performed in the temple, was in a military style. Before my insignificant person the Adepts marched like militaries do when they give a welcome on commemorative days or in the same way as when any given Initiate reaches a determined degree or place within the Divine Hierarchy.

The endowment of the degree was made telepathically. I do not recall seeing a single smile on the faces of those present. There were adepts who were Chinese, German, English, French; they were from all over the world, those who are working in the Great Work of the Father. No one was smiling. On the contrary, all of their faces had very severe expressions.

On that occasion, they informed me telepathically about the events that will soon occur to this humanity. Millions of human beings will perish by fire, by water, by hurricanes, by earthquakes, by sicknesses, by starvation, and by wars that will occur before those catastrophes. This is why nobody was smiling, since this is no cause for laughter. On the contrary, there was a terrible severity on all of their countenances.

The understanding of the great responsibility that I was undertaking was also given onto me, because upon my shoulders is the responsibility of leading the world salvation army through these difficult times of the end.

At that time I was also told that the Gnostic Institutions that fall into negligence or that weaken their psychological work will be cut off. In other worlds, they will be disconnected from the cosmic force, that fantastic energy that helps us to grow and progress. Obviously, people and groups who are deprived of that energy will end up confused and will fail their individual and collective work.

Therefore, it is necessary to create an army of people of good will before the great catastrophe, and to take them to a safe place. I know where that place is; however if I reveal it, I will create an obstacle to the Great Work of the Father.

Nothing [catastrophic] will happen in that place. All of those who are worthy will be taken to that place, those who indeed will be psychologically working on themselves. On the precise day, hour, and exact moment, those people will be notified where they must go. And there, all of us will gather together and contemplate the battle between the fire and the water that will last for two centuries, as it was in Lemuria and Atlantis.

After the two hundred years pass, new lands will emerge from deep within the sea; thus, that select group will be guided there, and will convert themselves into the basic nucleus for the creation of the sixth great Root Race.

It is obvious that in the meantime the Earth will be encompassed by fire, smoke, and vapor. Thus, for two centuries those people will have to eliminate the psychological "I" from their minds, because in the new Golden Age not a single soul with ego will receive a physical body. One person with ego would be enough to corrupt the rest of the people and place the Golden Age in jeopardy. This is the harsh reality!

Frontiers will not exist within the Golden Age. The entire earth will be transformed, and a newly regenerated Earth will emerge.

All of this that I am commenting about is symbolized by the Winged Bull! The Winged Bull is the symbol of the regenerated Earth. It is the symbol of the future Golden Age!

Some say that the Golden Age will be here in a few million years. No! It is now, during this Aquarian Era. Nostradamus states that the Golden Age will emerge in Aquarius, and Nostradamus has never failed!

More over, facts are facts! Hercolubus is already within sight of the telescopes. The one who does not want to see, does not see.

Therefore, the objective of our studies is precisely to form a group of people who will serve as the basis for the future sixth great Root Race. If you cooperate with the sun, with the Solar Logos, if you work psychologically upon yourselves, you could be part of this fundamental nucleus. It will certainly be fantastic to become part of this initial group...

The times of the end are at hand. Yet, when people see, they do not see, and when they hear, they do not hear!

Many years ago, when I was very young, everything that I am commenting about with you today was revealed to me within the superior worlds. I knew then that my destiny was to accomplish this mission. I saw myself exactly as I am now in front of you, in the center of groups, stating what I am presently saying. Through my sense of clairvoyance I saw Hercolubus. I saw myself in the streets and auditoriums. I saw people laughing about what I had said, and I saw those who believed in my words. To that end, I could anticipate myself, at that time, what is happening today. All that I have said will be realized, everything will happen, do not doubt!

In Atlantis, when I performed the same work that I am presently performing, people also laughed; they mocked me and called me crazy, etc. However, before those people could awaken to the approaching reality, we had left towards new lands to avoid the catastrophe. All of those who despised our warnings died by drowning or were swallowed up by earthquakes. The same thing will occur now, in our epoch...

Gnostic brothers and sisters of the Earth! Let it be known that I am Samael Aun Weor. I am your Avatar, and I am your Maitreya Buddha. I have descended from the superior worlds to assist you. I am with you.

Invoke me when you need me; it is not a difficult thing to concentrate upon me and to invoke me. You may invoke me mentally and I will concur to your call to help you intensely. I am willing to help you. I want to awaken you. I want to illuminate you. Understand?

Know that I did not descend from the superior worlds to waste my time. I descended to help you. I descended from the superior worlds to work for you, in order to serve you. I am your friend, your true brother who loves you with all of his heart. It is necessary for you to have faith in me. These teachings that you are receiving will be spread throughout the entire Earth...

Brothers and sisters: the time has arrived to profoundly, terribly, and deeply know ourselves.

You are not alone; I repeat, you are not alone: I am with you in Spirit and in Truth. Let the Ages listen: I am with you in Spirit and in Truth! I am very close to you!

Each time that you think of me, I am with you, and I will be with you, my brothers and sisters, until the end of times!

Continue forward, with courage, willpower and tenacity!

Samael Aun Weor

President-Founder of all Gnostic Institutions

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